Michigan State University, USA high level official’s team visited BSF:

Dr. Karim Maredia, International advisor of BSF & Director World Technology Access Program at Michigan State University (MSU) of USA organized a visit of very high level officials to Bejo Sheetal Bioscience Foundation on 17th of January 2017. The major objective of the visit was to review and strengthen the collaboration between BSF, India and MSU, USA. The following high level officials accompanied by Dr. Karim Maredia the team leader.

Steven Hanson: Dean of International Studies & Program, MSU
Douglas Buhler: Director Ag-Bio Research & Assistant Vice President of Research & Graduate Program of MSU
Jeffrey Dwyer: Associate Dean for Innovation & Community Partnership, MSU
Sanjay Gupta: Dean International Business School & Eli Board college of business, MSU
Karim Maredia: Director, World Technology Access Program, MSU
Shri Suresh Agrawal, Chairman Bejo Sheetal Bioscience Foundation, Shri Sameer Agrawal & Shri Kamal Zunzunwala, Director BSF welcomed, felicitated all the guests at Bejo Sheetal Bioscience Foundation. Dr. Nandkumar made a tour to facilities of Foundation, briefed about training arrangements, Plant Tissue Culture laboratory, crops being handled for micro propagations, purpose of the program & and New Cell biology research laboratory activities. Discussed about the modules of training programs, capacity building activities, workshops, Conferences, Symposium and other social activities undertaken till now since the association with Dr. Karim Maredia and Michigan State University. The success and limitations were also discussed for improvements in the program and the ideas of the MSU team.

Visit of MSU officials to BeejSheetal Research Pvt. Ltd.:

MSU high level officials visited BeejSheetal research laboratories at it office and understood about the research programs being implemented for crop improvement, application of double haploid techniques & cell biology, molecular marker research and its role in crop improvement & quality assurance. Also further the team was keen to see the breeding program of company in polyhouse and field. Visited to DRS farm and seen the breeding program of capsicum, eggplant & Tomato in polyhouse. Interacted with crop breeders, Shri Sureshji Agrawal explained about the potential of our programs and team was shown keen interest in working together through new collaborations.

Round tour to Kalash Seeds Pvt. Ltd. crop show & seed processing unit:

Shri Sameerji Agrawal accompanied the team to show them the crops show of Kalash seeds pvt. Ltd. at its head office premises. Briefed about the program objective, farmers role and how it is important in enhancing the social awareness about the vegetable cultivation, importance of each crop in our kitchen, variety showcase, exotic crops, etc. The team appreciated about the initiative to invite the school college student participation in this show case or crop show, to create interest and awareness for the students in Indian agriculture.

Interactions for formulation of International Agribusiness course:

Interactive meeting was organized by BSF to explore the launching of International agribusiness course in collaboration with Michigan State Univeristy, USA. Dr. Karim briefed about the association of S.P. Jain group with Dr. Sanjay Gupta at MSU. Shri Sameerji also informed about his involvement and contacts with S.P. Jain group of Mumbai. Dr. Nandkumar proposed to work on various modules of short term agribusiness course to be designed targeting the aspirant entrepreneurs, the beginners’ or start up’s, next generation entrepreneur started their carrier with parents. It is planned to launch the three month agribusiness course by for 2018. Shri Sureshji showed keen interest in this program. Dr. Y. S. Nerkar, Ex. Vice Chancellor of MPKV Rahuri also given his inputs for working on different modules to be proposed to MSU, high level officials of MSU were positive for this collaboration and shoed keen interest in this course module. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Steven Hanson, Dr. Douglas Buhler, Dr. Jeffery and Dr. Karim Maredia enthusiastically contributed by giving their ideas and concerns about for strengthening the association with BSF.