Training cum Internship Program, for Agriculture Biotechnology Graduates: (2015-16)

Twelve students of College of Agril Biotechnology, Georai Tanda, Aurangabad have participated in Three-month training-cum internship program at Bejo Sheetal Bio-Science Foundation, Jalna. Prof. Keshav Zote, Principal of the college was shown keen interest for giving opportunity to have exposure to biotch tools and new technologies. Accordingly the individual topics were allotted to students in the area of molecular biology, plant disease diagnostics, plant tissue culture.

Objective for individual topics were defined & accordingly experiments were initiated with the help of BSF scientists. The guidance was provided by Dr. Vipin Permar, Mr. Datta Awachar, Mr. Hemant Kadam and other colleagues from BeejSheetal Research Pvt. Ltd. Theory presentations also organized for the student knowledge enhancement about the subject. Literature review, Sample collection, experimentation, result recording, data analysis, etc. done on individual case basis. Individual Thesis were written by students and submitted to college after the BSF approval. During this program students shown keen interest in learning the topics and deeply involved with hard work. The training/thesis work has been appreciated by University representative.     

National Symposium on Edible Alliums:

Three days 2nd National Symposium on Edible Alliums: “Challenges and future strategies for sustainable production” organized during 7-9 December 2016 by Indian Society of Alliumas, National Research Centre for Onion and Garlic, (NRCOG), Rajgurunagar Maharashtra and Bejo Sheetal Bioscience Foundation. Partially supported by BeejSheetal research Pvt. Ltd., National Horticulture Research & Development Foundation, Delhi, NABARD Bank, Pune Maharashtra State Agriculture market Board, Pune, National Horticulture Board, Jain Irrigation Pvt. Ltd., Sanghar Exporter, Jindal Seeds, Prashant Seeds and Panchaganga seeds.

The symposium Inaugurated by Dr. Charuddatt Mayee, Ex ASRB Chairman, in presence of  Shri Suresh Agrawal, Chairman BSF, Dr. Kishan E Lawande, acting Director Dr. Vijay Mahajan and Dr. N. P. Singh, Director for Draught Research Institute, Baramati. During this inaugural program “The Lifetime achieving award was given to Shri Jain, Jain Irrigation Pvt. Ltd. Jalgaon and the best contribution for Onion breeding and productivity improvement by breeders from the public and private institutions, progressive farmers were appreciated by giving them best performer award. All the dignitaries expressed their views about the progress made in Onion research, production, storage, distribution and export related issues and also discussed about the challenges of near future. In opinion of Shri K.E. Lawande, there is great scope for onion improvement in India for increasing the productivity, by using F1 hybrid seeds, improving agronomical practices and by adapting improved storage systems.

Technical presentations were continued after the inaugural program, Dr. S.K. Pathak, Dr. Veeregouda from IIHR, Dr. Mahajan, DORG, Rajgurunagar, Scientist from Japan, Dr. Nandkumar from BeejSheetal Research Pvt. Ltd. and scientists from various institutes, companies presented their views. Dr. Venkateshvarulu, Vice Chancellor of Dr. Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Agriculture University chaired one session and expressed his views about research requirements in processing, agronomy, storage. Dr. Y.S. Nerkar, Ex-vice Chancellor, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth Rahuri also chaired one session and he has breiesd about the farmer’s problems, and necessity of integrating the technology along with good quality hybrid seeds availability.

The progressive farmers, scientists, NHRDF, market committee officials discussed the future action plan for onion productivity improvement, research directions required and need of herbicide tolerant Onion, etc. in the panel discussion chaired by Shri Suresh Agrawal, Chairman, BSF and Life Time Achievement awardee of Allium Society, Dr. K.E. Lawande answered the questions of farmers. The program was concluded with a positive note of keeping good follow up with all related institutes and organizations. Also, Private company contribution with new initiatives of public-private partnership is encouraged.