Training for B.Sc. Agricultural Biotechnology Students, 2018:

To support and enrich knowledge of Biotechnology students every year Bejo Sheetal Bio-Science Foundation picks elite students for Hands-On-Training program. Students are being selected on the basis of their background knowledge, interest and the personal attitude towards research training. This year four students were selected based on their performance in the viva-voce.

Among four students one has worked on the Double haploid technology and detection of double haploid plants using cytological and flow-cytometric techniques. Another one student has been worked on the molecular marker technology for detection of diversity among the different species of Gerbera Jamesonii. He also worked on the Biochemical compounds and their relation with the diversity of the species.

The remaining two students have been worked in the field of micropropagation of  bittergourd and Bamboo using different explants and both the students were able to develop a suitable media for the successful propagation of the bittergourd and Bamboo species.

From BSF we are providing research laboratory and other facilities for the students to explore their hidden talents thereby we are creating a new ray of hope in the field of Agriculture and Biotechnology.